Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Hey Honeys...

I'm really not good at this whole blogging thing lately.. I suppose I just haven't had much to tell you guys!
I suck I know!
But yey.. I'm nearly finished my second year of uni and I'm actually loving it! I always moan about having assignments due or revision to do and I just wanna give up.. but noooooo.. it's all worth it. (hopefully anyway)

Oooo I also got myself a new job,, It is only in the Student Union bar in Middlesbrough where I go to uni but I love it! I was soooooooooo nervous when I first started because I'm rubbish at everything usually hha! but yeah I really like it and its not as hard as I expected!
All I've been doing lately, is working or doing revision.. all my assignments have been submitted for a few weeks and I'm just waiting for all my feedback.. which is taking FOREVER! bitch pleaseeee.. if I submitted my work late you'd throw a fit but you can go 6 weeks over the due date for the grades!! come onnnn...

Hm yeah.. I've been out a few times but not much really. I just cant be bothered any more now, this is a photo from one of my rare nights out ha... I'm happy in bed watching Dexter with a cuppa.. Ooohh yeah that's another thing! I am still also addicted to Dexter! its amaaaazinggg! I'm almost finished season 4.. I know I know, I've got a long way to go yet but shh.. I'm getting there and so far so gooood!

Oh I have some crap news too :(.. one of my best friends is going away to work in Ibiza for 3 months in 2 weeks :( and I don't know what I'm going to do with myself! I literally see her alllll the time, and I can barely cope a week without seeing her!! So if anyone would like to keep me company for 3 months,, male or female.. I'm not fussed ha.. come be my friendd! we can have sleepovers and drink teaaa. or wine.. ahha! I don't mean to sound like a complete loser but yeah! I'm gonna be lonelyyy!! wahhh!!

Anyways,, thats probably enough moaning for one day.. gonna go make a cuppa and watch Dex ofc.. ciao for now chickasss..

ps.. ive also updated my tumblr today, no really exciting but go have a look.. ive still gotta update my body mods page mind.. but i will asap :)