Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Feel like such a geek tonight! I've been working on my uni assignments allll day and I've taken about 94385745678 million notes! And I can finally say I'm feeling confident about the work I've done and my revision is going gooood.. it's almost too good to be true!

Alsoooo I've finally come up with an idea for my dissertation aswell! I'm actually a little excited about starting it! (geeky I know!) but hey ho... better to be excited about it that to dread it I suppose :D (I'll get back to you when I'm in the middle of writing it and hating my life!)...

Anyway, I'm gonna get back to my work as I'm up early in the morning to go into town with my mam and spend some money I don't have :D! but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

cyaa honeyzzz

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Finally,, some sun in Middlesbrough! It's about time! I have a day off uni too!
All I wanna do is go sit in some beer garden and drink pints! (in such a girl I know! ha)
but noooooooo... I have noooo money :(! gutted!
I don't wanna stay in :(! but no one will come outside with me! they're all boring!! I don't wanna be sat inside doing boring assignments! not today! hm! I'll figure something out... Might pop into town (on my own!) LONER!

Yeah, that was just a quick moan about being happy about sun and sad about boring people hah..
ciao for now!!

Hey Stranger...

Wow.. Asif I've not blogged since September, that's ages away man!
Not that much has changed. I'm still the same old me, lost in the big world, trying to get through uni, trying to find a new job (still!).
Yeah, nothings new.
Uni's a drag, as always, but I'm managing, (I think) assignment after assignment... Gets a bit boring after a while!
Dreading next year, with having noooo idea about what I want to write my dissertation on! SHIT!

Although, something is new! I've not mentioned that I now volunteer at a youth club! I love it! it's only down the road from where I live and it's sooo good! The kids are all brill, they wear me out mind! I can't keep up!
Thought you'd all appreciate a gorgeous photo of me in my 'Trinity Youth' top ;) haha..

Hmm, there must be something else for me to say. I've been neglecting you guys! If I still have any of you left! :( Oooo! I know! My friends band Boycott The Radio! have been gigging around Middlesbrough and me and my friend Amy have been really geeky and handmade some band tee's for them! First of all we made one for a laugh for the drummer! with a cheap white t-shirt and a black permanent marker pen, but then the other lads in the band were like, oohh can we have one too!? and then their families started to ask and so did their friends! we practically started our out business hah! It took us soo long to do them all! We done about 15 in total! I was sick of the sight of them in the end!

Here are two of the ones we done, they actually did take ages! we had to make the stencil by hand and draw it all on by hand! took about 45 minutes per tee! then I slashed some of the necks for the girls and stitched up some of the sleeves for the lads! they loved them! They're a really good band as well, they haven't really recorded much yet but they're real good live!!

Anyway, I think I'm gonna go get into bed and watch my new favourite American TV Show.. Dexter... If you've never seen it, go check it out! I'm totally addicted to it now!
Anywayyyysss... cyaazzz xoxoxoxoxo