Monday, 27 August 2012

Birthday Celebration Plansss...

Soooooo, it's my 20th birthday one week today and I haven't got a clue what i should doooo!!! I know if I suggest something to people I'll get the,. "Oooh, I'm busy that day.." or the "Oohhh, I'm too skint to come and see you.." niceeeee.. Can't be bothered with the chew!

I'm thinking Lloyds, a pub in Middlesbrough that I love and it's not expensive and it's not miles away and if people can't afford to have a drink they could easily drive 10 minutes down the road and pop in for an hour or so. It's not as if I'm asking for the world to see my friends on my birthday. Baring in mind I haven't seen them for a good few weeks now! Oh well, I'll know that whoever turns up is actually bothered..

Also, another thing that's awkward is that I have like a few separate groups of friends that don't necessarily get along with each other or don't really know each other which is fair enough. But I don't know what to doooo... Hmm. stressin,. all I ask is that I can go for a drink for my birthday with my friends with no fuss or arguing or people licking other peoples arses as perrrr..

I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens ey.. I have a week to sort something out and hopefully it will be a success..

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Internets Back.. London Outfittttss...

Right, I'll apologise now for the horrid quality of my photos but I took most of them in the Travelodge & Holiday Inn so the lighting wasn't particularly good, boooo. I'm also pretty rubbish at taking photos of clothes in the first place so oops :(.. and I didn't wear the most exciting clothes either I neeeeed to go shopping ASAP!!! Also I look proper miserable in them hah,, I was happy really I promise. Anyway here goes...

On the journey from Sunderland to London and the Harry Potter Studios I opted for my comfies and converse. Blue Converse, grey Topshop hoodie, pink New Look vest top and cheapo black leggins from Select... Then just shot my hair up into a top knot because it was 5am and I couldn't be pestered. We went straight to the studios when we arrived so we didn't have chance to get changed to go there so I just chilled in this until we got changed for out evening meal.

Later on for the meal I got changed into a long black tube top from New Look, black tights from Primark and a navy blue blouse with cute collar tips from Select on my feet I wore my black chelsea boots from The jewellery I wore wasss, silver cross earrings from Topshop, a cross ring from Topshop, a gorge blue ring from Primark and an opal ring from Topshop. Even straightened my hair which is kinda rare these days.

The next day in London i wore kinda the same outfit but with a different blouse. Again, long black tube top from New Look, black tights from Primark. My blouse was from Matalan in the old peoples section ages ago but I really love the pattern on it. On my feet I wore my black chelsea boots again from I didn't wear any jewellery this day because I totally forgot to leave it out of my little bag in my suitcase and I packed it all away without realising :(.. sad times,, The only things I left out were some earrings I got from Dorothy Perkins, but I do love them sooooo. I'd had my hair up while I was in bed and didn't really have time to do anything with it so I just left it down and kinda messy.

On the way home I changed into hoodie and leggins again but I didn't think it was worth putting another photo of boring clothes on :).. Yep this was a pretty boring post but nevermind eyyyy...
Yeah random photos of my face too (y).. might aswell.. 


Internet Troubles...

My interests brokeeeeee!!!!! Nooooo!!!! So I can only blog from my phone which sucks because I was gonna do my outfit blog and I need to sort my photos out!

I've got a BBQ to go to later on so I won't have much time! I'll try my internet later on when I get home and see what I can do!!

PS. Mega annoyed that I can't afford to go out tonight with it being bank holiday and all!! :(!!!!

Overdue London Post :D...

Heyyyy guyzz,,
I know I'm slacking a bit on doing my post about my recent trip to London and the Harry Potter Studio's but I've literally had zero time since I've been back and I've had to sort through about 800+ photos.. no exaggeration :(!

Yeah,, so anyway,, on Monday which was August 20th, me and my friend Faye went to Sunderland for the night ready to go to London on the 21st from Sunderland Interchange (we didn't have a clue where this was). We arrived at our Travelodge which was situated right in the very centre of the city of Sunderland. Then we decided to have a little mooch round so we walked over to The Bridges shopping centre and naturally when we seen the Disney shop we were drawn to it like little children. Anyways,, less about that and more about trying to find our way round. In the end we asked a lovely woman at the information desk where the interchange was, so we knew where we were going the next morning.. It was literally 5 minutes away!! When Google Maps said we had a 15 minute walk -_-!! So we were happy!
 Beer & Burger..... 5am Sunderland

After this we went back to the Travelodge and went in the pub next door, it was a Wetherspoons, yey, my favourite pubs.. We got burgerss and beerss (well cider), as yer do :D!! Stuffed our faces and went back to our room ready for our 5am rise!!!!

We were all chilled and then at 8pm! the bloody bells started going mental in Sunderland Minster so we weren't impressed. This went on for a good hour so we didn't sleep, instead we people watched from out window, there were some right states walking the street.. including 2 very drunk chavs who were about 30 years old, hugging trees and random Chinese people. Anyway we hardly got any sleep and got up at 5am knackeredddd! but forced ourselves to get ready anyway purely on excitement!  When we'd dragged ourselves out of the Travelodge it was about 6:50am and we decided to go on an early morning food scrounge because we were starving and had a massive coach trip ahead of us. We looked a right clip pulling our suitcases around the deserted morning streets, there was only the odd person waiting at bus stops and then us. We couldn't find a shop anywhere, then we spotted a little off licence and got some fooood,, random sandwich for brekky :').. not the best of early morning meals I've ever had but hey ho...

We got the coach at about 7:15am from the Interchange and set off for The Warner Bros Studios at about 7:30am so it was all good. We stopped off at Woodall on the way down at a service station at about 10am. We decided to go wild and Faye got a McFlurry,, the woman who served her was like,, it's only 10am you know.. she was like,, yeah and? ha,, woman was gutted. I was normal and just got a Mango & Passion Fruit Frap from Starbucks. Then we set off again about 10:30am. We arrived at the Studios at about 1:30pm. Our tour didn't start til 2:30pm so we had a mooch around the gift shop and sat outside in the sun for a while,, which was amazzzinngg after being sat on a coach for what felt like days.

I was so excited to go in and everything, there were soooooo many people there. Loadsa kids dressed up as Harry Potter with the proper full outfits on, glasses and wands,, the lot. I was soo surprised at how many American's that were there.. is was so strange hearing them all talking to eachother,, I got a bit too excited I think. There was also a lot of Australian people there,, some were mega hot too.. just thought I'd add in that little detail!

Yeah sooo, we went for our tour. I was sooo amazed that it was all actually the real set and props that were used in the films. It was actually unreal. I took sooooo many photos but I've narrowed it down a lot to put on here because I didn't want to clog up my page with millions of photos.
The first place in the tour was The Great Hall,, it was unbelievable, although it didn't look as big as it does on the films, it was enormous,, and all the detail that had been put into it was amazing, the tour guide pointed out loads of bits that can't even be seen on screen but were in the set anyway to make it so realistic, such as carvings in the back of the fireplace and the real flagstone floor. The props were absolutely fab as well! The real Triwizard Cup and The Moony Wormtail Padfoot and Prong Map were so detailed. Even 4 Privet Drive was really realistic, it was weird seeing the real house, it was just like a normal house even though it was just a set. The butterbeer was really weird too, it was nice, it tasted like cream soda but after a while it was just reallly sickly!

Next we went into Diagon Alley, which was soooooooo real! it was just like a real alley way with shops and everything. Seriously it was the most surreal thing ever.
Here are a few of my photos from the alley,,

Top Row - Quality Quidditch Supplies Shop, Eeylops Owl Emporium, Daniel Radcliffe's Wand in Ollivanders.

Middle Row - Gringotts Wizard Bank, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes Shop, Scribbulus Writing Implements Shop.

Bottom Row - Ollivanders Wand Shop, Wand in Ollivanders, Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment Shop.

As you can see it is all soooo realistic, I just can't express how unbelievable it all was, I bet I just sound like a right weirdo, but in all seriousness it was fantastic. I might put a few more photos on at the end of the post so if you wanna have a nosey that's where they'll be.

After we'd been to the studios we got back on the coach and headed to our hotel in Reading which was a Holiday Inn, and having never stayed in a Holiday Inn before I didn't really know what to expect. We literally just expected it to be nice and simple, like the Travelodge that we had stayed in the night before in Sunderland. Ohhhhh,, and how wrong we were! We walked in and it was sooooo posh. We went to our room and it was so lovely. The bed was massive and sooooo comfy. I was glad, considering I'd had the worst nights sleep ever the night before! We got changed and went down for tea.

After tea we had a little nosey around the hotel and then went up to our room and had a cuppa. We were exhausted! Ps. the bottom left photo is of a random as rave light that we were buzzing over in out bathroom haha.. random but very cool! Ignore the random one of me having a proper buzz on aswell ha.. just had to fill the space haha,, I look well happy.

Yeah sooo, the hotel was mintttt and I had the best sleep EVER that night only to be woken up by my alarm at 6am :(.. so we got ready, went down for breakfast, which was better than the sandwiches from the day before, we had sausages, bacon, egg and beans,, proper fatties, we literally couldn't move after but it was lush.
Then, once again we got back on the coach and set off for London this time,, yayyyyy...

It took us around an hour to get into London and we got dropped off on Park Lane outside the masssssive Grosvenor Hotel, which was soooo posh! Anyway we walked up to Marble Arch tube station and it all went from there really. Good job I actually took notice when I went to London with college so I knew what I was doing on the tube because Faye didn't have a clue, bless her. Just some random photos of tube stations and inside the underground,. nothing too exciting but I think I took a photo of literally everything...

First of all we bought our tube tickets for the day and got a tube map and planned where to go first... Which was Green Park and Buckingham Palace, which was typically fullll of tourists so I apologise for all the random people in my photos but it could not be helped, as soon as someone move and you thought you were going to get a perfect photo,, BAM some other random was stood there! Annoying! I can't remember what order we went to each place so I'll just guess and hope I'm right but I'll be sure to mention everywhere we went. Anyway we couldn't decide where to go so we just got on the tube at a random station and ended up on Oxford Street, which was PACKED as per... we had a little mooch about but it was sooooo warm and packed so we didn't stay there long,, plus we were on a tight schedule and we wanted to go to loads more places.

Then we headed to Piccadilly Circus which was equally packed with people. We had a walk around for a bit and took another lot of photos as well. There were sooo many ticket sales places trying to make us buy tickets,, I wish we could have,, I've wanted to see Wicked for agessss,, gutted I couldn't go! So we jumped back on the tube and went to Leicester Square and it was full of Olympic flags and we had a walk down to the Empire Theatre and nextdoor was M&M World so we obviously had to go in there. It was HUGE! 4 stories full to the brim of M&M memorabilia, it was crazy. Once again we planned our route and the last place we went to was The Thames Embankment, which is famously the home of Big Ben, The Houses Of Parliament and The London Eye. By this time we were absolutely boiling and also running out of time so we didn't stay for very long. We got a quick photos and then headed back to Marble Arch and McDonalds hah.. We hadn't eaten since we arrived and we were STARVINNNNGG! So it was Happy Meal time,.. (yes we are children)..
Just some quick snaps from the day.. Buckingham Palace, M&M World in Leicester Square, Ben & Jerry's in Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben, The London Eye, M&M World Again.

We thought we were going to be late back to the coach so we rushed back only to be told we were half an hour early -_-.. typical us! So then it was the perfect time to go and chill out in Hyde Park for a while. It was about 2pm and it was sooooo warm! We were glad to have a break from all the walking so we sat there for a bit until it was time to go home! SAD TIMES!!! We set off home at about 3pm and we were gutted but alsoo sooooooo worn out! It felt like it took agessss to get to the service station, I just wanted to nap on the coach but Faye forced me to go for a walk about and it was probably for the best, my legs were so numb because I'd been sat down for so long! Then we headed home and arrived at about 9pm,, I was sooo happy to get home and a showered and into bed! I was absolutely exhausted... Although it was an amazing few days and I'm sooo glad I went!!

Here are some more random photos that I took as well, not all of them because I can't be chewwed putting them all on, sorrrrrrry...

I was going to do my outfits of the few days on this post but I think it's already wayyyyy too long,, and my outfits were pretty boring because I didn't really have time to be bothered to look nice haha.. but I'll do a little bit about them tomorrow as I'm sooo sleepy now and sick of looking at my laptop screen. And I'm pretty sure my laptop is going to burn through my legs at any minute so I'll say goodnight for now my little cherubs and I'll update tomorrowww..... hope you enjoyed my trip as much as I did,, although this has been very very condensed because I didn't want to go into every little detail.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Just A Quick One :p...

Heyyy,, yeah so I got back from London yesterday and yeah it was AMAAAAAZING!!!!! I haven't really got time to do a proper post yet and get all my photos on but I will deffo do one sometime tomorrow most probably! So bare with me darlings...

Sunday, 19 August 2012

A Bit About Aly...

Yeah so I seen this on someones blog so I thought I might aswell have a go at it :)...

Name - Alice Burns
Nicknames - Aly, Al, Hal
Birthday - September 3rd 1992
Place of Birth - Stockton-on-Tees
Star Sign - Virgo
Occupation - Student

Hair Colour - Dark brown, with blonde ombre (dip dye)
Hair Length - just past my shoulders
Eye Colour - blueee
Best Feature - eyes maybe?
Braces - I had them about 3/4 years ago
Piercings - 2 in each lobe and right daith
Tattoos - 1 down my spine and 1 on my right foot.
(i have a blog about my body mods, take a look)
Righty or Lefty - Righty

Best Friend - Faye Todd,, still friends now yay,
Award - oo i dunno, probably for being a nerd in primary school
Real Holiday - Spain, when I was about 7

Favourites... (Impossible Just To Have One!)
Film - ooo This Is Engalnd is one fave
TV Show - The Big Bang Theory atm
Colour - Purple
Song - Ne-yo - Let Me Love you.... its soooooo cuteeee
Restaurant - ermmm.. I don't really do restaurants but maybe Pizza Hut
Store - Topshop,. even though it takes all my money!
Book - The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
Magazine - Grazia
Shoes - Converse High-Tops

Feeling - Excited for Londonnnn
Single or Taken - Single, booooo!
Eating - I just had some Shreddies if that counts
Listening to - Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?
Thinking About - Have I packed everything I need for London D:
Watching - Nothing
Wearing - Baggy Dizzee Rascal top and pj shorts,, (scruffy today!!)

Want Children - I think so
Want to be Married - Undecided
Careers in Mind - Youth Crime Worker/Young Offenders Officer
Where Do You Want To Live - Im not sure

Do You Believe In...
God - Not Really
Miracles - I dont think so
Love At First Sight - Not as of yet (hopefully I'll have some luck)
Ghosts - Nahh,, vivid imagination and weird lighting,, yes
Aliens - Maybe,, but I think they're cute little green things like on the cartoons :') not uglies
Soul Mates - Not right now I dont, everyones a dick'ed,, oh so cynical!
Heaven - Yes
Kissing on a First Date - Yeahh
Yourself - Hm, sometimes....


Wellllll... that was easier than I first expected, although I was right about taking more clothes than I need! I have about 5 extra outfits just incase. Better to have more than you need than to have not enough I say. Although I've probably forgotten to pack the most important things even though my case is bulging, lets just say it's a good job there was an extension bit on it otherwise i'd be in trouble! I'm only away for 3 days and have about 4 pairs of shoes packed and its guaranteed ill just wear converse all weekend because they're so comfy and forget about my others, typical! I'll go more into my outfits when I'm back home because I don't even know what I'm gonna wear for what yet so that should be interesting tying to decide. Ill probably get changed about 3 times before I leave the hotel but never mind ey...

I've tried to keep my handbag down to a minimal amount of things because I'll obviously be carrying it around London with me and I don't want it to weigh 10 tonne like it normally does otherwise I'll most probably break my poor shoulder! Wish I had a snazzy backpack thing to carry about with me, I may have to pop into town and mooch in Primark, they usually have cute bags that are only cheap. Anyway back to what I decided what to put in my bag...
This is some of the stuff I narrowed it down to soooo far,, knowing me I'll end up with 5 times this amount before I leave the house tomorrow but hey hooo, a girls gotta be prepared for everything!
Upto now I have...various magazines as I mentioned in my blog this morning, ermm, obviously my trusty iPhone and my iPod, cant go anywhere without them, putting earphones in can cure anything, cannot cope with listening to background noise of people chatting shit or even worse, screaming kidsssssss!!!! Deodorant and of course my favourite perfume at the minute,, Calvin Klein CKIN2U.. love it! My spotty umbrella, temperamental English weather and all that fuss.  Not forgetting my favourite Topshop purse that I got in the sale a few weeks ago, only cost me £3, safe to say i was chuffed with that cheeky steal! And last but not least chocolate and crisps which will most likely make me feel sick and I'll regret having them but shameeeee,, they're nice :p... Oh yeah and not forgetting our confirmation forms otherwise we'll be going no where, oops!

Now for the important stuff, like updating my iPhone and iPod with some new albums I've recently got. Some of my favourites are.. We Are The In Crowd - Best Intentions.. not everyone's taste, but they remind me of being about 15 again when I was a little Fall Out Boy/Panic! At the Disco & Paramore fanatic!! I also updated my Arctic Monkeys albums too,, Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not... and the most recent album, Suck It And See... and some others but I'm not gonna bore you all by listing my freaky music taste!

Not to mention transferring millions of photos from my iPod to my laptop so I have loadsa photo space ready for all my Harry Potter photos and general piccas of London :D!!!! Which I'm sure I'll be posting as soon as I get back. No doubt I'll get far too over excited and take photos of every little thing :(!! The first ever time I went to London I thought I'd be brave and take a photo of this massive pigeon (and i mean gigantic, and im soooooo scared of normal size ones never mind this one!) anyway I went in for a close up of Mr Pigeon and BAM!!! he decided to say hiya and come even closer to me!! and the clumsy idiot that I am I literally threw my fave camera and the pigeons face!!!!! (and if you're reading Linzi I'm sure you'll remember my face when I came to show yous the damage!!) :'(!! So ill make sure I keep tight hold of any technology I take with me this time! and stay away from any gigantic birds!

Yeah so once again, I've rambled on about something totally irrelevant and probably bored you all but never mind you're gonna have to put up with me and my babbling,, I have a cheeky little make-up review to put up later on tonight maybe but apart from that you probably won't hear from me until Wednesday unless I do some brief blogs when I'm away...
Ciao cutiessss.....xo

PS,. I mentioned Linzi in this... go check out her fashion blog.. she's fabbbb....

Morningggg.. well just.

Heyyy,, smiley, happy faces for you all today. Very excited today!! Going to have to start packing for Sunderland/London. Not that I've even thought about what I'm going to take with me!!!!! I can see today getting pretty stressful! Ill end up taking 834737 different outfit choices instead of only the few I'll need! I'll definitely take a load of stuff that I don't even need, it's always the case. I haven't got a clueeeee what I want to wear though :(! 

We set off for Sunderland at about 2:30pm tomorrow and my friend Faye's lovely Dad is going to drive us there to our Travel Lodge where we'll be staying the night ready for our early rise on Tuesday morning! AND I MEAN EARLY!!!

I'm opting for comfies (basic leggings, vest top and hoodie) and converse for travelling from Sunderland to London in because I can't be chewed with getting up and 5am and going on a 6+ hour coach journey in the first place never mind getting up and having to think about what I'm going to wear. I'll have them laid out the night before so I can literally just step into them and then walk like a zombie to Sunderland interchange for 7:15am to catch our coach to the capital city yayyy!! I'll bet money that we get lost and have to ask a local (hoping they'll be some wandering the streets at this time of the morning) where we are and where we should be heading, hoping that they know what we're talking about! I might have to get on Google Maps and print out some directions for us just in case of emergency, but seriously I could probably get lost in my own house if i was left on my own, I'm that bad with directions. 

I'm also hoping that Faye's travel sickness will keep at bay for the journey. Not the nicest thought I know but there's been a few times over the almost 20 years I've know Faye that I've had to hold her hair because she was travel sick or being sick for some other reason, lets just say she doesn't have the strongest stomach in the world, bless her. I still love her anyways!! I've bough a few trashy magazines for us to read on the journey. The kind of ones with the stories about pregnant 12 year old's and "how I lost 78 stone by eating nothing but soap" or something totally delusional like that. They should keep our minds occupied for a few hours!

Anways, I best start my packing. I'll keep you updated about the goings on and what I decide to take with me, If I ever make the decision! Laters babiessss.....xo

Late night mind wandering...

Hate not being able to sleep, especially when I have a million and one things on my mind!!!
One day to wait until I go to London and hopefully a few days away will help me clear my head from all the goings on.
Why is it that I can be fine allllll day then I go to bed and my mind decides to go into overdrive?! If someone would care to explain I would be eternally grateful.
Hmm.. Ohwell I suppose tomorrows another day and all that jazz..
I'll see what Sunday has in store for me...
Night night darlingssss xox

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Body Modifications...

Hello my little darlings,,
As I mentioned earlier on today, I am going to put a little bit on about the body mods I currently have.

So here goes.. I'll start with my piercings, I currently have 5 ear piercings, 2 in each lobe and my right daith, which i have a cute little heart in. I also plan on getting my left tragus done and an auricle but I'm not sure on on which ear yet and I'd also like a 3rd one in my left lobe... I'll apologies for the weird photos of my ears, as it goes, it's not as easy as I thought to take photos of my own ears..

I love my daith heart..
I got it done at Skins & Needles, Middlesbrough,
by Kim Hutchinson.

This ears kinda boring at the minute,
tragus will soon be done, hopefully!

I also have 2 tattoos which I love... One of them is a Supermarine Spitfire Plane, I got this tattoo about a year and a half ago and it was my first one. I got is as a memorial to my late Grandad who we unfortunately lost last year. I'd always wanted to get a tattoo but never knew what to get and one day me and my friend were talking about them and the idea suddenly came to me. My Grandad was in the RAF when he was younger and his favourite plane was indeed the Spitfire, he had various models and different books about it all around my Nanna & Grandad's house, so i researched it and found a few ideas I liked. I actually designed the whole tattoo myself and it is very simple but that's what I wanted, something simple to remember such a courageous man. There is a quote underneath the plane which goes down my spine and it's something my Nanna wrote, it reads.. "If you could have been saved with love, you would have lived forever..." Never a truer word has been said in my opinion.

This is the only photo I really have of this tattoo but I love it!
This tattoo was done at Dark Circle, Middlesbrough.

My second tattoo is a bit more fun.. It's on my right foot and it covers almost all of my foot. It's a potion bottle, which says "drink me". Alice in Wonderland inspired of course, just thought I might as well get it seeing as my name is Alice and I've been called bloody Alice in Wonderland for the best part of my 20 years of living!
I didn't really know what I wanted this one to be like. I had a few ideas but that I put a post on my tumblr and instagram and a boy from Australia messaged me and said he would have a go at drawing something up for me which was amazing and I didn't expect it to be that good to he honest, he was only 16 years old. Anyway, i was amazed when he sent me back a drawing! I loved it as soon as I seen it and booked it like a week later! I wasn't going to get it in colour originally but I'm sooooo glad the lad who done it persuaded me to because it looks soooo goood! Even if i do say so myself.. anyway I'll shut up rambling and show you guys a photo!!!!!

This was done at Skins & Needles, Middlesbrough,
by Adam Hawkes!

Yeah sooooo.. that's all I have at the moment,, and I'll most probably get more in the near future,, I'll keep you guys updated :D!!! 

Waste of my time..

Annoying when someone talks to you 24/7 when they're away (which is most of the time) and they put all this stuff in your head! And say they'll deffo come and see you when they're home next, to make up for missing your birthday!

And then they're home for a few weeks an they blatantly ignore you! What?! Wanna make me feel a bit more shitty?! I'd rather they said they weren't gonna bother in the first place! It would save a lot of caring!

I'll bet money that the second they're back away from home they'll text me!!! Well I dont think so! Cannot he arsed with part time friends!! You're not worth my time anymore darling...

What to do today?!?...

Once again, I have nothing to do, suppose I should start packing for London or something! But knowing me I'll end up doing that as last minute as I can. Haven't clue what outfits im gonna take!
Might do a little blog about my body mods later on though! My new tattoos all healed now and I love it soooo :D! Anyways.. Laterzzzz.


Actually sooooo bored right now! I swear I'm nocturnal! Never sleep at the right times! Can't wait to get back to uni and have money and a life again!!! Sick of being bored!!!! Yeah this is what I'm currently doing! Random face piccas of random faces :(!! IM SO BORED!


I also have a tumblr, I know its in my sidebar but Ill put it here anywayss :)

Friday, 17 August 2012


Soooo„ im going to London on Monday and I cannot waitttt, naturally! And yeah im being mega nerd and going to the Warner Bros Studios to see The Harry Potter Tour! Excited.. ohh yeahh!! Also the next few weeks are gonna be manic! London.. 20th birthday D:!! moving out.. starting 2nd year of uni! which means ill probably have to do some proper work! ew! but nevermind! cannot wait to get back! never been so bored in my whole life! filling out job applications to get 0 replies! annoying!! but we’ll see how that goes! hmm… anywayzz blahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Okay, soo im kinda new to this...

Heyy, decided to make a new one of these after not having one for a while,
so I don't really know what i'm doing. Bare with me.