Sunday, 19 August 2012

A Bit About Aly...

Yeah so I seen this on someones blog so I thought I might aswell have a go at it :)...

Name - Alice Burns
Nicknames - Aly, Al, Hal
Birthday - September 3rd 1992
Place of Birth - Stockton-on-Tees
Star Sign - Virgo
Occupation - Student

Hair Colour - Dark brown, with blonde ombre (dip dye)
Hair Length - just past my shoulders
Eye Colour - blueee
Best Feature - eyes maybe?
Braces - I had them about 3/4 years ago
Piercings - 2 in each lobe and right daith
Tattoos - 1 down my spine and 1 on my right foot.
(i have a blog about my body mods, take a look)
Righty or Lefty - Righty

Best Friend - Faye Todd,, still friends now yay,
Award - oo i dunno, probably for being a nerd in primary school
Real Holiday - Spain, when I was about 7

Favourites... (Impossible Just To Have One!)
Film - ooo This Is Engalnd is one fave
TV Show - The Big Bang Theory atm
Colour - Purple
Song - Ne-yo - Let Me Love you.... its soooooo cuteeee
Restaurant - ermmm.. I don't really do restaurants but maybe Pizza Hut
Store - Topshop,. even though it takes all my money!
Book - The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
Magazine - Grazia
Shoes - Converse High-Tops

Feeling - Excited for Londonnnn
Single or Taken - Single, booooo!
Eating - I just had some Shreddies if that counts
Listening to - Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?
Thinking About - Have I packed everything I need for London D:
Watching - Nothing
Wearing - Baggy Dizzee Rascal top and pj shorts,, (scruffy today!!)

Want Children - I think so
Want to be Married - Undecided
Careers in Mind - Youth Crime Worker/Young Offenders Officer
Where Do You Want To Live - Im not sure

Do You Believe In...
God - Not Really
Miracles - I dont think so
Love At First Sight - Not as of yet (hopefully I'll have some luck)
Ghosts - Nahh,, vivid imagination and weird lighting,, yes
Aliens - Maybe,, but I think they're cute little green things like on the cartoons :') not uglies
Soul Mates - Not right now I dont, everyones a dick'ed,, oh so cynical!
Heaven - Yes
Kissing on a First Date - Yeahh
Yourself - Hm, sometimes....


  1. LMFAO personally love the no uglies on your alien bit! cheeky monkey!

    1. haha,, i always imagine them like little cute green things,, I had a little soft toy of one when I was younger and I'll always think they look like that did lmaoo..