Monday, 27 August 2012

Birthday Celebration Plansss...

Soooooo, it's my 20th birthday one week today and I haven't got a clue what i should doooo!!! I know if I suggest something to people I'll get the,. "Oooh, I'm busy that day.." or the "Oohhh, I'm too skint to come and see you.." niceeeee.. Can't be bothered with the chew!

I'm thinking Lloyds, a pub in Middlesbrough that I love and it's not expensive and it's not miles away and if people can't afford to have a drink they could easily drive 10 minutes down the road and pop in for an hour or so. It's not as if I'm asking for the world to see my friends on my birthday. Baring in mind I haven't seen them for a good few weeks now! Oh well, I'll know that whoever turns up is actually bothered..

Also, another thing that's awkward is that I have like a few separate groups of friends that don't necessarily get along with each other or don't really know each other which is fair enough. But I don't know what to doooo... Hmm. stressin,. all I ask is that I can go for a drink for my birthday with my friends with no fuss or arguing or people licking other peoples arses as perrrr..

I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens ey.. I have a week to sort something out and hopefully it will be a success..

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