Saturday, 18 August 2012

Body Modifications...

Hello my little darlings,,
As I mentioned earlier on today, I am going to put a little bit on about the body mods I currently have.

So here goes.. I'll start with my piercings, I currently have 5 ear piercings, 2 in each lobe and my right daith, which i have a cute little heart in. I also plan on getting my left tragus done and an auricle but I'm not sure on on which ear yet and I'd also like a 3rd one in my left lobe... I'll apologies for the weird photos of my ears, as it goes, it's not as easy as I thought to take photos of my own ears..

I love my daith heart..
I got it done at Skins & Needles, Middlesbrough,
by Kim Hutchinson.

This ears kinda boring at the minute,
tragus will soon be done, hopefully!

I also have 2 tattoos which I love... One of them is a Supermarine Spitfire Plane, I got this tattoo about a year and a half ago and it was my first one. I got is as a memorial to my late Grandad who we unfortunately lost last year. I'd always wanted to get a tattoo but never knew what to get and one day me and my friend were talking about them and the idea suddenly came to me. My Grandad was in the RAF when he was younger and his favourite plane was indeed the Spitfire, he had various models and different books about it all around my Nanna & Grandad's house, so i researched it and found a few ideas I liked. I actually designed the whole tattoo myself and it is very simple but that's what I wanted, something simple to remember such a courageous man. There is a quote underneath the plane which goes down my spine and it's something my Nanna wrote, it reads.. "If you could have been saved with love, you would have lived forever..." Never a truer word has been said in my opinion.

This is the only photo I really have of this tattoo but I love it!
This tattoo was done at Dark Circle, Middlesbrough.

My second tattoo is a bit more fun.. It's on my right foot and it covers almost all of my foot. It's a potion bottle, which says "drink me". Alice in Wonderland inspired of course, just thought I might as well get it seeing as my name is Alice and I've been called bloody Alice in Wonderland for the best part of my 20 years of living!
I didn't really know what I wanted this one to be like. I had a few ideas but that I put a post on my tumblr and instagram and a boy from Australia messaged me and said he would have a go at drawing something up for me which was amazing and I didn't expect it to be that good to he honest, he was only 16 years old. Anyway, i was amazed when he sent me back a drawing! I loved it as soon as I seen it and booked it like a week later! I wasn't going to get it in colour originally but I'm sooooo glad the lad who done it persuaded me to because it looks soooo goood! Even if i do say so myself.. anyway I'll shut up rambling and show you guys a photo!!!!!

This was done at Skins & Needles, Middlesbrough,
by Adam Hawkes!

Yeah sooooo.. that's all I have at the moment,, and I'll most probably get more in the near future,, I'll keep you guys updated :D!!! 

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