Sunday, 19 August 2012

Morningggg.. well just.

Heyyy,, smiley, happy faces for you all today. Very excited today!! Going to have to start packing for Sunderland/London. Not that I've even thought about what I'm going to take with me!!!!! I can see today getting pretty stressful! Ill end up taking 834737 different outfit choices instead of only the few I'll need! I'll definitely take a load of stuff that I don't even need, it's always the case. I haven't got a clueeeee what I want to wear though :(! 

We set off for Sunderland at about 2:30pm tomorrow and my friend Faye's lovely Dad is going to drive us there to our Travel Lodge where we'll be staying the night ready for our early rise on Tuesday morning! AND I MEAN EARLY!!!

I'm opting for comfies (basic leggings, vest top and hoodie) and converse for travelling from Sunderland to London in because I can't be chewed with getting up and 5am and going on a 6+ hour coach journey in the first place never mind getting up and having to think about what I'm going to wear. I'll have them laid out the night before so I can literally just step into them and then walk like a zombie to Sunderland interchange for 7:15am to catch our coach to the capital city yayyy!! I'll bet money that we get lost and have to ask a local (hoping they'll be some wandering the streets at this time of the morning) where we are and where we should be heading, hoping that they know what we're talking about! I might have to get on Google Maps and print out some directions for us just in case of emergency, but seriously I could probably get lost in my own house if i was left on my own, I'm that bad with directions. 

I'm also hoping that Faye's travel sickness will keep at bay for the journey. Not the nicest thought I know but there's been a few times over the almost 20 years I've know Faye that I've had to hold her hair because she was travel sick or being sick for some other reason, lets just say she doesn't have the strongest stomach in the world, bless her. I still love her anyways!! I've bough a few trashy magazines for us to read on the journey. The kind of ones with the stories about pregnant 12 year old's and "how I lost 78 stone by eating nothing but soap" or something totally delusional like that. They should keep our minds occupied for a few hours!

Anways, I best start my packing. I'll keep you updated about the goings on and what I decide to take with me, If I ever make the decision! Laters babiessss.....xo

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