Sunday, 26 August 2012

Internets Back.. London Outfittttss...

Right, I'll apologise now for the horrid quality of my photos but I took most of them in the Travelodge & Holiday Inn so the lighting wasn't particularly good, boooo. I'm also pretty rubbish at taking photos of clothes in the first place so oops :(.. and I didn't wear the most exciting clothes either I neeeeed to go shopping ASAP!!! Also I look proper miserable in them hah,, I was happy really I promise. Anyway here goes...

On the journey from Sunderland to London and the Harry Potter Studios I opted for my comfies and converse. Blue Converse, grey Topshop hoodie, pink New Look vest top and cheapo black leggins from Select... Then just shot my hair up into a top knot because it was 5am and I couldn't be pestered. We went straight to the studios when we arrived so we didn't have chance to get changed to go there so I just chilled in this until we got changed for out evening meal.

Later on for the meal I got changed into a long black tube top from New Look, black tights from Primark and a navy blue blouse with cute collar tips from Select on my feet I wore my black chelsea boots from The jewellery I wore wasss, silver cross earrings from Topshop, a cross ring from Topshop, a gorge blue ring from Primark and an opal ring from Topshop. Even straightened my hair which is kinda rare these days.

The next day in London i wore kinda the same outfit but with a different blouse. Again, long black tube top from New Look, black tights from Primark. My blouse was from Matalan in the old peoples section ages ago but I really love the pattern on it. On my feet I wore my black chelsea boots again from I didn't wear any jewellery this day because I totally forgot to leave it out of my little bag in my suitcase and I packed it all away without realising :(.. sad times,, The only things I left out were some earrings I got from Dorothy Perkins, but I do love them sooooo. I'd had my hair up while I was in bed and didn't really have time to do anything with it so I just left it down and kinda messy.

On the way home I changed into hoodie and leggins again but I didn't think it was worth putting another photo of boring clothes on :).. Yep this was a pretty boring post but nevermind eyyyy...
Yeah random photos of my face too (y).. might aswell.. 



  1. Loving these outfits, the blouse is ammmaaazzziinngng! Such a find! Ill be hunting one down :D



    1. thankk youu :)!
      I was in 2 minds about buying it but Im so glad i did..
      Yeah,, get looking, charity shops are usually a best best for these kinda things too..

  2. Really loving your cute and quirky style! That jacket in the last one is so cool and I also love your eyebrows :) following xxx

    1. Thanks lovely..
      I do my eyebrows just with a dark brown eyeshadow and I cut one of my small make-up brushes so it was an angle brush and that works really good :)!