Saturday, 29 June 2013


so me and my mum popped into the travel agents yesterdays and came out with a bargain, all inclusive holiday to, Sunny Beach in Bulgaria and now I'm super excited!!
Eventhough, I can find nooo swimwear that fits right or that I feel comfortable in!! or any nice, pretty kimonos or anything to cover myself up with to hide all the lumps and bumps :(!!
Mega diet for 4 weeks, lets just pray I get a miracle and lose half of my body weight and then I'll be glad to wear a binki and be half naked in front of total strangers,.. (well maybe not but yeah..hmmm)

anyways yeahh, I'm exciteddd. I'll be sure to write about it and let you guys know how everything goes!.. that's if I don't end up dying of sunstroke because of my uber-paleness D:!!!!


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