Thursday, 11 July 2013

YAY TATTOO... and holiday shopping update

Okay... so I said I was getting a new tattoo.. and I did yippeee.. 5 days ago.. so right now it's all scabby and ew but I got a photo on the day to put up on here :D

Yey, I love it.. It was done by Ben Ramsden at Envy Ink Tattoo Studio in Stockton.. 

For it being such a random tattoo that has no meaning I just loved the image that he put up on Facebook, I love it! It's placed just above my right ankle! It's healing quite quickly actually and I'm super excited for it to be all healed and smooth and lovely! 

Hopefully it will be all nice for when I go on holiday.. Not forgetting to slap my factor 50 sun cream all over all of my tattoos and whole body infact! I'm too pale for life at the minute! I actually got sunburn in England a few days ago because of the burning sun we've had for the past few days.. although it seems to have disappeared. Which I'm kind of glad of haha,. I don't think I can cope with constant sun at home and then a week of constant sun in Bulgaria aswell! I'll save myself for poolside sunbathing and beach chills.. my hotel is literally 50 meters from the beach which is amazinggg.. rolling out of bed and going to chill on the beach. ohh yeahhh! Safe to say I cannot wait!

Ooohh and holiday clothes shopping update.. I've managed to buy quite a lot in very little time!! I'll try and get a haul post up on here soon when I have time to take photos of everything I've bought.. I've gone quite cheap on the shopping side to be honest because I don't have the most money in the world right now :( so most of my things are actually from Tesco and Primark. I am happy with everything I've bought though,, they don't look cheap at all :D...

Anyways,, I'll try and do that soon for you guys and I'm gonna say bye for now and have a very chilled out day :)#

Ciao for now..


  1. That's such a pretty design! I' still at high school haha so i'm not old enough to get a tattoo....and they're not really my thing but that is soo pretty! Hope it wasn't too painful :/


    1. Aw thanks :)
      I love them, they don't hurt as such. I like the feeling, that might sound weird but I guess you don't know what it feels like until you get one.