Thursday, 6 September 2012

Birthdayyyyyy nd Stufff....

Heyy Hoooo..
Been sooooo busy, haven't even had time to get on the laptop and what not!
I'm no longer a teenager :(!!!! I obviously had to celebrate.. (eventhough it was 2 days before my actual birthday) and my 20th birthday night out was the drunkest I've ever been in my whole entire life!
I have like 1 photo of the night and thats before we even made it out of the house...
It was obv a girls night for pre-bevvin and I honestly think we had a really good time but I don't really remember hah, so that might be a lie!
Not the best of photos but never mind, it's the only half decent one I've got from that night!
We ended up going to Arena, a club in Middlesbrough, i'll be honest, it doesn't have the best reputation in the world but who cares, I was far too drunk to even notice where I was!

Anyway, there isn't really much I can say about this night because it's all a blur.. all i can say is that I came home with more money than I went out with and people were handing me drinks all night so I'm not complaining yayyyy!!!!

The next day was an absolute disaster! I woke up in my friends bed with the worst hangover! (i must be getting old) It was rank anyway! Then I thought I was fine and I went home, threw up excessively in the toilet got a shower and felt a bit better :')!!!! disgusting but it helped haha! Then I had to get ready because family were coming round to have birthday tea at mine! (worst possible day for it to happen!) I was a mess!!
I made it through the day anyway and got some gorgeous presents and some money off people..
My favourite gift was an Alice in Wonderland necklace and earrings set... My aunty also makes her own handmade cards and she made me one to match the gift!! I loveeeee themm!!!!

Ohhh,, my sister also made some lush cakes for the birthday tea aswell, all made from scratch on the day! They looked soooooo cute,, but I don't like cake :(!!!! I got a few pretty pictures of them before everyone devoured them!
 Anyway, I survived the day and it was all lovely... The next day was my actual birthday yay! Eventhough I had a job interview on the morning :( no sleep in (and I didn't even get the job!) boooo!!! I NEED A JOB! Yeah the rest of the day was pretty chilled out and nice and then at tea time I went for a meal at a local pub with a few friends,. aw cute! Then we went to a friends house and chilled some more.. So all in all I had a good birthday even though I'm old now :(!! never mindddd..
Got to wear my new jewellery for my meal tooo yay! I look proper buzzin to be 20! But I'm not :(! Shame!
My friend Lucy also sent me a lovely text on the day of my birthday rubbing it in a bit that I'm now actually in my 20's haha.. shes daft,, but sadly shes 100% right! whether I like it or not! Here's the sad truth!!! (ignore the rest of the boring text hah,, i cba to go crop it!)

Yep... :(... I'll end on that sad but true note!!!
a now 20 year old Aly....

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