Sunday, 9 September 2012

Very Nervy...

Soooo, I start my new job tomorrow! I'm so nervous :(! I'm sure it will all go fineeeeee but still! Nervvy Nervvy!

Dear meeee, I only have to ring people up and make them buy stuff hah! Can't wait to be hung up on, about 738363736 times yay!

Hmm, well I suppose I should get some sleep even though I had a cheeky nap earlier on! I didn't mean to fall asleep :(! My bad! I'll probably stay up all night and watch bloody Family Guy!

Anywayss,, good night, god bless my little loves!!


  1. Good luck on your job tomorrow! Hopefully not many people will hang up on you lol We have some similarities...we're both 20, about 5 ft tall and in uni. I want to go back to England (I'm from New York)! You have a cute pink blog, so I'm a new follower! WIll you come and check mine out?

    Jen xx

  2. Thankyouu.
    Wow,, I'd love to go to New York!
    I just read your blog about London, I was there the other week aswell, although the weather didn't look too good when you went, it was boiling when I was there. Glad you enjoyed yourself..