Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Student Life...

Yayyyy... I've finally got my internet all connected up in my flat :D!!! Happy times..
I'll have to get some photos up of my room, I absolutely love it, It's all homely and cosy! I already regret not moving out for my first year of Uni because it's already better than living at home!!
I don't have time to get any up now because my mams being mega cute and taking me out so I can get some food shopping! Not that I have the money to spend on food shopping hah.. but ohwell, I suppose I've gotta eat something!
Everything will be sound by next Friday when I get paid! I'll actually have some money to play with yay!
Anyway my lil' huns, that's about all I've got time for, for now..
Ill most probably update later on today with photos and stufff!! Considering I've got nothing else to do on this Saturday night!

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