Friday, 7 September 2012

Working Girl...

Update on something from yesterdays "Birthdayyyyyy nd Stuff...." post. The part where I complained about having a job interview on the morning of my birthday and that I didn't get the job. Turns out I did YAYYYYY!!! After having quite a crappy day today I got a phonecall at about 3:30pm and I have got the job.
Yeah it's only at a call centre (yes ill be the annoying person you hang up on when I try to sell you something!) but the hours are good with uni and the pay is pretty decent! I go for training on Monday and then it just goes from there I suppose!!! Everythings looking up for once, I'm soooooo happy.

I also found out who I'll be sharing a flat with this year at uni, 3 other girls, who all seem lovely, I've been talking to them over Facebook and stuff,. Exciteddd!!!!!!
Moving out the middle of nexweek yayy!
Things are going gooooood!!! :D! It's about timeee!!!
Cannot wait to start uni now and get back to normal.
Eventhough I'll guarantee in a few weeks i'll be complaining that I can't handle a job and uni and living on my own haha.. I'll be soundddd.. I'll see how it goes and try and hold it all together!

Happy Mooooood!!!


  1. Such a cute post! Good luck with your new job and uni this year! I was scared meeting my flatmates for the first time too but a year later they're my best friends, I couldn't have been any luckier. Keep in touch, B xx

    1. Thankyou lovely,,
      I'm nervous to start my new job on Monday mind!
      I wish I moved out to uni in my first year but nevermid, I'm excited for this year :D!!